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Top 10 Reasons to Have Your Nashville Home on the Market During the Holidays

Top 10 Reasons to Have Your Nashville Home on the Market During the Holidays

Here are just some thoughts on leaving your home on the market over Christmas and New Years or putting your home on the market now instead of waiting until 2010 to list!

10. You might miss a sale.  How will we know?  We won't know for sure.

9.  If you pull your house off the market now and put it back on in a few months, some buyers will have the perception it has been on the market the entire time.  What comes next?  "I wonder what's wrong with that house?  It's been on the market a long time."

8.  Movitated buyers are out now!  It's not much fun to look at houses when it's cold outside.  There are a lot of other things for people to do with their time (ie. shopping, traveling, baking, etc.).  If buyers are looking now, they are probably ready, willing and able to buy a home.

7.  There's less competition because a lot of other sellers pulled their home off the market already or they are waiting until next year to jump into the market.

6.  "Does anyone look at houses during this time of year?"  Yes, they do!  You might not have a parade of buyer through your house but the ones who are out are likely motivated buyers.  

5.  Most people take time off work for the holidays.  It's just a matter of what they choose to do with their free time.  If they make time to come view houses, it's important to them!  That's a sign of a motivated buyer!

4.  Family is probably in town.  Hmmm, serious homebuyers usually want to get their loved one's opinion about a house they are considering purchasing.  Another set of eyes never hurt anything.  This is especially true of first-time homebuyers.  They really want the reassurance from people they trust who have experience buying a home.  Did I mention that there is a first-time home buyers tax credit in effect right now?  $8,000 worth of reasons right there! 

3.  We, as agents, can't do our job if we play red light, green light with the marketing of your home.   If you want or need to sell your home, just put it on the market and don't monkey with things! 

2.  Franklin Green home for sale TNLooky-loos have better things to do now than come see your house.  I realize it's a bit inconvenient to have your home show ready during the holidays.  You're not likely to have a bunch of showings scheduled but buyers who do come through are the ones who matter!  We want to be sure they get the message loud and clear "Please Come Buy This House!"

1.  Houses look beautiful when decorated for Christmas.  As long as you don't go hog wild with the lights and glitter, holiday decor is lovely and it elicits an emotional response.  What draws buyers to buy a particular house?... An emotional connection! 

Don't be a Grinch! Let buyers see your wonderful home, beautifully decorated for the holidays!  Yes, buyers are out looking and they might miss your house if they don't know it's available! 

If you would like to see homes or condos in the Nashville TN area decorated for Christmas or any other season, contact Tiffany White with Keller Williams Realty at 615-260-5858 or visit

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You are so right! It is a stange myth that no one buys a home during the holidays. The house nevers looks as good as it does during the holidays, buyers who are looking are serious and there is much less competition - and everything else that you mentioned above are all great resons to list your house now!  

Posted by Anthea Click, Nashville Home Stager - Selling Nashville, TN homes quickly! (Fresh Perspectives - over 9 years ago

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